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Kids Accounts

Start the journey to good financial habits

My Money

  • Help your child develop a positive, healthy attitude towards money.
  • Savings account with no fees and minimum balance of only $25.
  • Kid-friendly checking accounts with check card services (with adult co-signer. Ages 7 and up)
  • Link family accounts for easy and safe transfers.
  • Graduating high school seniors may apply for the John F. Condon Memorial Scholarship.

Open an Account

We're always happy to welcome new Kids CU members. If someone in your immediate family is a member and you are under 18 years old, you are automatically eligible for a Kids CU membership with Hanscom FCU. 

  • When you have completed the form below, press the SUBMIT button to send your request. Do not print out this form or mail it in.
  • We will then send you an application package, including signature cards and our Disclosure for Personal Accounts.
  • Please complete and return the documents that we'll mail to you, along with a check or money order for a minimum of $25.


Membership Eligibility

In addition to a savings (primary share) account, I am interested in the following types of accounts
ATM & Check Card
Telephone/Online Access
CU Thrive
Higher-Yield Savings
Money Market

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